Developing the pedagogy

The pedagogical competence of teachers is the strength of the Finnish education system. How can physical activity be integrated into lessons? How can the school yard and the neighbourhood be used in teaching? How can technology be made use of to add movement to lessons? What kind of support or knowledge do teachers need?

The same mechanisms in the central nervous system are responsible for controlling both motor skills and cognitive skills.

Physical activity during the school day has many positive effects on learning and the learning outcomes. According to studies, especially physical activity integrated into teaching and active breaks during lessons have had a positive impact on school grades and the results of standardised tests. The time used for physical activity does not exclude success in academic subjects!

Of staff in schools, 94% are of the opinion that physical activity during the school day enhances school enjoyment (Kämppi et al. 2017).

According to staff in Finnish schools, physical activity during the school day also contributes to a peaceful working atmosphere during lessons and improves pupils’ school enjoyment.

59% of Finnish teachers break up long sedentary periods in most of their lessons.