Research and material


Schools on the Move – a general presentation

Students on the Move – a general presentation

Students on the Move – a PPT-presentation


LIKES Research Centre for Physical Activity and Health is monitoring the progress of the local Schools on the Move projects, and conducting scientific research on the physical activity of schoolchildren.

National network to support schools’ activities. The development of the Schools on the Move programme and implementation of key project.

Towards more active and pleasant school days. Interim report on the Finnish Schools on the Move programme 2015-2016.

Active Body, active mind. How does physical activity affect learning?

School makes you move and sit still. Finnish Schools on the Move research results 2010 to 2015.

Changes at Schools on the Move in years 2013-2015. Students physically active designers of school activities.

Facts express 1C/2018. Physical activity during the school day and learning. Summary of the status review. (Finninsh National Agency for Education)

Research articles

Kallio, J., Hakonen, H., Syväoja, H., Kulmala, J., Kankaanpää, A., Ekelund, U., & Tammelin, T. (2020). Changes in physical activity and sedentary time during adolescence: Gender differences during weekdays and weekend days. Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports, March, 1–11.