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Online course for teachers on physical activity as part of the school day

This online course is a result of years of teaching. All activities and teaching methods have been tested in a school environment with students.

The participants will obtain a comprehensive picture of the Schools on the Move activities that have been developed in Finland, the integrated research, and new methods of physically active learning.
Tested and well-functioning practices have been packaged into easy-to-study modules that can be used to create a physically active culture in schools anywhere in the world. The education does not require special equipment – you only need a teacher and students.

The course has the following outline:

  1. Course introduction and initial assessment
  2. Physically active learning in the classroom
  3. Planning and implementation of functional teaching methods
  4. Making an active school day possible
  5. Versatile physical education

The course is accessed fully online, and it includes over fifty example videos, quizzes, tasks, and written material.

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