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Lecture package: An overview of the Schools on the Move programme

Two lectures from our programme directors in the meeting room with coffee, tea and refreshments:

  • A lecture introducing the Finnish Schools on the Move programme: The programme is one of the government’s key projects. How is it operated and what kind of activities do schools do during lessons? (A 45-minute lecture and 15 minutes for discussion.)
  • A research and follow-up lecture: What kind of follow-up and research do we have in the programme and what are the effects of the programme according to research? (A 45-minutes lecture and 15 minutes for discussion.)

The lecture package costs:

  • 1 500 euros (1 140 euros + 24% VAT), max. group size: 20 persons
  • An additional cost of 1000 euros (incl. VAT) for every additional 20 persons

School visit package

A practical visit to municipalities and schools package includes:

  • One school visit to a municipality in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area
  • A programme expert hosting the visits
  • Municipalities’ giving introductions about their operations in the Schools on the Move programme and the activities done during lessons
  • School personnel’s giving introductions to their actions in Schools on the Move activities, e.g. decreasing sedentary time during lessons; the principal’s comment on leading the operations, and visits to classrooms and other facilities

The maximum group size per visit is 20 persons.

The visit packages costs:

  • 1 600 euros for one school in one municipality (1 216 euros incl. meeting room + 24% VAT)
  • An additional 800 euros per school in the same municipality
  • An additional 1 000 euros for every additional 20 persons per school
  • One school in two municipalities costs 3 200 euros (2 432 euros + 24% VAT)

Two-day training package

Day 1, 9–15.00

  • Lecture package: An overview of the Schools on the Move programme
  • Lunch in a Finnish school
  • School visit package: One school visit in one municipality

Day 2, 9–16.00

  • A visit to another school with a different theme (of your preference) (2–3 hours)
  • Lunch at the school
  • A workshop/training for your group on a chosen subject (an active classroom for a certain class, break exercises, a nature classroom, active school transportation etc.) (3–5 hours)

Total price: 6 500 euros (incl. 24% VAT). Group size: 20 persons.

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