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There is impressive research evidence on links between physical activity and learning. Physical activity has a positive effect on executive functions and learning outcomes. The training packages provide teachers with new content for their work and encourage them to take on new working methods, enabling pedagogical development.

PALOeducation’s trainings help increasing physical activity during the school day. Training packages and video tutorials are provided in three areas of expertise:

  1. Active School Day – methods for the classroom
  • Methods that reduce sedentary time
  • Creating a learning environment that reduces sedentary time
  • Methods that increase physical activity
  • Creating a learning environment that enables physical activity
  1. Motivating physical education
  • Bringing participatory learning methods to PE lessons
  • Models of motor learning
  • Flexible sports class
  1. Physical activity in winter
  • Basics of winter sports (environment, equipment)
  • Bringing the techniques of different winter sports to schools

PALOeducation is an expert organisation for physical education. Our goal is to bring more physical activity into children’s everyday life. PALOeducation’s products provide every child with an opportunity to adopt a physically active lifestyle in an easy and motivating way.

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